Frank's Chronicle

Frank's Chronicle was published by Bernd Kretzschmar in Karlsruhe, Germany at 1989-1992. Four yearly issues in total, all limited editions of 100 numbered copies. The content is German/English scrapbook of clippings.

Bernd Kretzschmar:

It is nice to see my "babies" again, as I didn't keep copies for myself. A little extra information: I made one special gimmick for a friend / Zappa collector of mine, issue no. 1, a special cover, you pull a rope and the wings start to flap. Originally I planned to make a few but it was such a big effort / time consuming, I only made one.

Frank's Chronicle
Vol.1 1989

The Return Of Frank's Chronicle
Vol.2 1990

Beat The Chronicles
Vol.3 1991

Not Just Another Zappa Chronicle
Vol.4 1992

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