Acid Rock



1978 January
Volume 2 Number

Phi Zappa Crappa Interview
Peeking into the bizarre mind of rock & roll's original madman
By Dave Fass and Dave Street, 9 pp

STREET: Where did the concept for the Mothers begin at?

ZAPPA: At a club called the Broadside in Pomona.

STREET: Did you just wake up one morning and have a flash of the name Mothers?

ZAPPA: I thought it was a cute name.

STREET: Did it signify anything to you in terms of the youth culture in America at that time?

ZAPPA: There wasn't any. Madison Avenue hadn't begun to talk about youth culture yet.

STREET: Do you think that youth culture began when Madison Ave. started promoting it?


STREET: How did you see yourself fit into the acid rock scene of the sixties, in terms of the philosophy that was going around and the lifestyle that was going down?

ZAPPA: I was laughing at it. (read more)

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