Beat Instrumental


Established in May 1963 as Beat Monthly. From #18 the title was changed to Beat Instrumental Monthly, and abbreviated to Beat Instrumental from #37. Emphasizing musical instruments and equipment (it billed itself as "The World's First Group & Instrumental Magazine"), Beat Instrumental was among the first to publish interviews with musicians discussing their gear. The magazine also defined pop music more widely than many of its contemporaries. Later on, the magazine made seamless transitions from pop to rock and prog-rock. (BeatBooks)

1966 December

No. 44


The 'Unbelievably Awful' Mothers of Invention
By Pete Green, p 39

THE guy representing the Mothers of Invention in America sent me a copy of their "freak-out", psychedelic LP and said: "These Mothers are THE current 'happening' on Sunset Strip. Their appearance is unbelievably awful. The colouring on the album cover has been diffused and the outline of their features blurred to conceal the true horror of their physical impact". (read more)

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1969 July

No. 75


Father Of The Mothers
By M.H., pp 26-28

YOU might think that Frank Zappa is a fearsome fellow from the wild hairy being in photographs, the cutting nastiness of his songs and the god-like aura that surrounds him. It’s not his fault that he is regarded in this way – it’s the result of the publicity and unthinking adulation of some Mothers of Invention fans. In fact, he turns out to be a friendly, mild-mannered fellow, with a cutting tongue to be sure, but he doesn’t cut everything and everyone indiscriminately. (read more)

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1970 May

No. 85


FZ featured on the cover and on page 56 short notice on Burnt Weeny Sandwitch. No other Zappa content.


1972 January

No. 105

Being Perfectly Frank
By Steve Turner, pp 22-24

Frank Zappa was staying at the London hotel which possesses the actual loo shown on his internationally famous poster. When I arrived at the reception area I phoned his room: "George Harrison and Friends Mortuary House", came the quick reply which at least assured me that I'd dialed the right number. It was some unscripted humour from Mark Volman and after a quick word with Frank he invited me up to the second floor. (read more

Source: slime.oofytv.set