.Free monthly publication from Los Gatos, Silicon Valley.

1977 December

No. 8


Frank Zappa Interview
By Michael Branton, pp 8-9, 17


In the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, at one corner of its massive lobby, I have been directed by a desk clerk to the row of in-house telephones.

“Hello, I’m from COLLAGE. I have an appointment with Frank Zappa.”

A pause at the other end. “Oh, yes. That was for six o’clock, right? Well, just come on up.”

The voice is reassuring (am I slightly nervous?), pleasant sounding, and female. Hmmmm...

Up the elevator, a walk down a tomb-like hall, and I’m knocking on Room 262, the “Oxford Suite.” A large, bald man ushers me in without a word.

Another interview is winding up, so I endeavor to meet the hairless man (John Smothers, “Security”) and the female voice (Frank’s wife of eleven years who says, “Don’t call me Mrs. Zappa. Call me Gail. It always reminds me of his mother when people call me Mrs. Zappa!”).

Mainly, though, I stand staring at the bushy haired guy in the armchair. Orange pants rolled up over his ankles, snakeskin platforms, cat-eye sunglasses all the right touches, being captured on film by greedy photographers on a field day. (read more)

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