Les Inrockuptibles


Les Inrockuptibles (stylized as les inRocKuptibles) is a French cultural magazine. Started as a monthly magazine in 1986, it became weekly in 1995. In the beginning, rock music was the magazine's primary focus, though every issue included articles on other matters, to which it tends to take a left-wing approach. The magazine regularly publishes special issues, which are usually entitled Les Inrocks 2. (wikipedia)


Les inRocKs Hors-Serie - 1966 l'annee qui bouleversa la musique


The Mothers of Invention. Freak Out!
By Louis-Julien Nicolaou, pp 52-53




Les inRocKs 2 - Sexe & Rock-n-Roll


Bande de filles
By Gilles Dupuy, pp 48-50

D'après nature
By Francis Dordor, p 51




Les inRocks 2 - 1968. 12 mois de musique et de revoltes


We're Only In It For The Money (review)
By Julien Nicolaou, p 75

Strictly Personal (review)
By Stéphane Deschamps, p 75