and Musée - these two magazines, published monthly by Tower Records, are free and available in every Tower Records store in Japan. Information about album releases, artists’ interviews and articles about music events are the main focus.
Musée, which focuses on classical and jazz music, possesses a large section dedicated to articles and artists’ interviews.
Bounce, which focuses on international and national music, has a section entirely dedicated to new album releases. This section distinguishes Japanese music foreign music.
Bounce, Musée and Tower Records, which are very active in promoting artists, are also particularly independent from record label company. The main appeal of these two magazines is their eclectic choice of articles and artists’ interviews. Japanese Music Market Handbook.

1997 November

No. 10


Ensemble Modern
pp 24-25

Zapped Music - One Size Fits All

pp 26-27

Source: slime.oofytv.set