Popfoto was the German edition of Dutch Popfoto. Until 1974 the content was largely the same as Dutch edition.
Dutch Popfoto was founded in 1966. German edition started in January 1968. After merger with Dutch Teenbeat since February 1969 titled as Popfoto Teenbeat. Since January 1971 until March 1980 magazine was titled again as Popfoto only. After merger with Pop magazine, issues since April 1980 were titled as Pop/Popfoto. Next merger was with Rocky magazine and issues since September 1980 were titled Pop-Rocky mit Popfoto. (bravo-archiv.de)

1970 July

No. 317


Full page picture of Frank Zappa playing drums is present in German issue of Popfoto. Frank Zappa is also named on the cover. The Dutch edition has no Frank Zappa name on the cover and we think, that the picture of FZ is also missing.

Source: EB