Teraz Rock


Teraz Rock [rock now], Polish rock magazine founded in 2003 by Wieslaw Weiss (Editor-in-chief) and Wieslaw Krolikowski (Deputy Editor-in-chief) is basically a continuation of Tylko Rock, as most of the editorial staff is the same.

2008 December

No. 12 Issue 70


Freak Out! - demontaz
By Bartek Koziczyński, pp 48-51

On page 10 is Jimmy Carl Black obituary.



2013 April

No. 4 Issue 122


Kower story: Weasels Ripped My Flesh
By Wiesław Weiss, p 98


2015 June

No. 6 Issue 148

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention: Freak Out!
By Paweł Brzykcy, p 73



2015 August

No. 8 Issue 150

Stłumiony okrzyk przerażenia (A muffled scream of horror)
By Robert Filipowski, pp 94-96


2017 March

No. 3 Issue 169

Rok, który zmienił Rock (The year that changed the rock)
pp 42-45
     The Mothers Of Invention: Abolutely Free
     By RF, p 44



2017 October

No. 10 Issue 176

Technicznaekstaza: Frank Zappa
By Michał Kirmuć, p 94