1. The real thing is the best thing.
We encourage you to obtain original books, magazines, fanzines, programs etc.

2. is just a catalog.
We try to describe here all the printed materials on or related to Frank Zappa. The intention of this catalog is to provide collectors and fans some help in acquiring original stuff in an organized and searchable format.

3. The main source for inclusion is the presence of original material.
Almost all (99%) of the scans here are made from the originals printed stuff.

4. The scans here are with medium resolution.
The scans are in medium resolution, usually 72 dpi. This permits you to see (and often read) what’s on the paper. But this resolution is not good enough to produce further high-quality copies, like bootleg covers. If you are an author or researcher and need scans of higher resolution, or additional information for your articles or dissertation, please contact us.

5. We are not a copyright holder of any of the materials presented on, unless expressly stated otherwise.
This site is to document Frank Zappa's legacy. If you own the rights to any of these materials reproduced here and do not want them reproduced here please let us know and we will remove the material immediately.



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