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1992 July



Frank's Wild Years
Interview by Neil Slaven, pp 2-7

After 25 years of unique musical anarchy and as many confrontational albums, Frank Zappa is facing his greatest adversary – prostate cancer. Undulled, he relates his diverse career of sophisticated subversion to Neil Slaven.

Since 1967, when the panel of BBC's Juke Box Jury were mystified by 'It Can't Happen Here' (a degenerate doo-wop ditty), Frank Zappa and his music have persistently defied categorisation. Comedian Groucho Marx once opined: "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member!", and Zappa has acted likewise. His refusal to become part of the rock establishment has been bolstered by constant subversion and much else besides, all underpinned with savage wit and perception. A prophet without profit in his own country, in Britain and Europe Zappa remains music's seminal cult figure. (read more)