Eclectic general interest 70s magazine with occasional fiction. Originating from Boston. (Galactic central)

1969 September 5

No. 2


Frank Zappa Interview
By Miles, 4 pp 10-12, 28

Trout Mask Replica
By Lester Bangs, 1 p

FRANK: There are some things I'd like to clarify about my editing technique. The editing technique is an extension of the composition because, as I have so much to do with the actual production of the records, as a composer it gives me a chance to exert even more control on the musical material from start to finish. (full text available @ Frank Zappa Interview)

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1971 August 20

No. 61


Zappa. Another look at last season's genius
Photos by Charles Steiner, pp 26-29

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1972 June


Frank Zappa Unfurled
By David Walley, pp 14-22

The article is taken from the book No Commercial Potential, 1972 by David Walley.


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