Música & Som


Música & Som (Music & Sound) was founded in 1977, Anthony L. Mendonça as a director and Bernardo Brito e Cunha as an editor-in-chief. From issue #133 the name changed to Video, Musica & Som. Stopped in 1987. (Musica Popular Portugesa)

1978 March 15

No. 27


Frank Zappa
By Luis Manuel Teixeira Alves, pp 35-37

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1978 June 15

No. 33


As Novas Aventuras De Zappa, "O Tirano"
By Jose Oliveira, pp 4-7

Frank Zappa Quarto nº 253
By Jose Oliveira, pp 8-9

Hot Rats (review)
By R. N., p 24

This issue has a Zappa concert review (Parc des Expositions de Colmar, France, February 11), exclusive interview (full text available) made in the same time in Hotel du Champ de Mars, Paris, and for some reason review of Hot Rats, issued in 1969.

pp 4-5 pp 6-7 pp 8-9 p 24

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1983 January

No. 78


p 8 

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