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Record World magazine was one of the three main music industry trade magazines in the United States, along with Billboard and Cash Box magazines. It was founded in 1946 under the name Music Vendor, but in 1964 it was changed to Record World, under the ownership of Sid Parnes and Bob Austin. It ceased publication on April 10, 1982 (wikipedia)

1978 January 21


Frank Zappa On His Current State Of Affairs
By Samuel Graham, pp 24, 86

That's the way I play. If I play a bunch of notes – and I also play long notes, too – that's the way I feel, that's who I am. What I'm trying to do at the point where I'm playing a solo is to take a piece of time and decorate it with notes that are relevant to the harmonic climate that's being laid down by the ensemble behind me. Sometimes, you take what you can get as far as accompaniment goes – you may have instructed them to play in the key of A minor, and some of them are playing in A minor, but you might hear a bass note which is coming from another key some place. To some members of the audience, this is jazz. But to a modal enthusiast such as myself, this is heresy, and it makes me want to murder and commit vile deeds right there on stage. But the show must go on, and you keep playing.  (read more)

Source: Javier Marcote