Interzappa Tones

By Bill Levy

International Times, August 31 - September 13, 1967

M.G.M. knows how to be nasty. First they wouldn't have any group of performers called, "The Mothers." Obviously nasty. On the other hand you might notice, those of you with a fine eye for detail, that on record jackets and in their publicity the word "Mothers" gets larger and "of Invention" gets smaller. Very nasty. Second – after contracting the Mother's latest album – ABSOLUTELY FREE  – written, composed, directed and collaged by Frank Zappa – M.G.M. took issue with the libretto. M.G.M.'s 19th century bias for printed word efficacy led them to exclude the words from the album, though you hear the same words sung. Nasty, nasty ... shades of Arnault Daniel.

... But I'm dragging my heels ....

... In London last week (see John Peel's PERFUMED GARDEN, this issue) Frank Zappa offered this oratorio for publication in International Times. We accepted gleefully. Frank wrote the forward and notes specially for IT.

Do you get it now? Frank Zappa is nice and M.G.M is nasty.

There's a guerilla attack in Haiti forecast. Algeria and Morocco will be shedding each others blood by the end of the year over low grade iron ore in land located, barely and Algeria – according to an unpublished secret General Electric computerised economic cost effectiveness survey paid for by the Algerian government.

A record turnover in equities. Frank Zappa records a song with Lenny Bruce – called Don't come in me" – for his new album. International Times readers get first international peek at printed word version of ABSOLUTELY FREE. International Times gets an ad from M.G.M. – fodder for our overdraft – and M.G.M. hopes we like money enough to cool it Nasty. Nasty all around.

Others would say: This is the all-universe energy in continual matter and life transformations. For my part:

Read Frank Zappa's words now!

Hear Frank Zappa's sounds too!

Communication is the sharing of conscious experience.

Frank Zappa, Frank Zappa ....

Intellect is consciousness of energy. Artistry transfers energy; the end is sharing.

ZAP ZAP ZAPPA: read him, see him, hear him, if you don't have the time. The Mothers of Invention have released two albums – the other is FREAK OUT – and have had two howling successes.

Herbie Cohen, the Mother's manager who wears readymade Turkish business suits, clucks "300,000 L.P.'s sold without a minute of radio time."

Frank Zappa's songs recall a naked lunch of the American high school scene in the fifties – FLASH: NASTY EAST GEORGIA MESS COVERS HERSELF WITH CHOCOLATE SYRUP TO ATTRACT VEGATABLES. DOOT, DOOT, DOOT ....

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