Frank Zappa "Mothermania"


Disc, March 17, 1973

THE MOTHERS "Mothermania" (Verve 2317 047, £1.95).

"Take a day and walk around / watch the Nazis run your town / then go home and check yourself / you think we're singing 'bout someone else."

A "best of" full of plastic forks, TV dinners by the pool and rakish dudes in cheesy bars. All the old Mothers' hardware served up on authentic '69 warped vinyl (a truly vintage touch) as relevant and debauched as ever. Truly pioneering filth, and I like the beat, wack (?).

Tracks are: "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," "Mother People," "Duke Of The Prunes," "Call Any Vegetable," "The Idiot Bastard Son," "It Can't Happen Here." You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here," "Who Are The Brain Police," "Plastic People," "Hungry Freaks Daddy," "America Drinks And Goes Home."