Smelly feet and dog wee: Uncle Frank does it again

By Jonathon Green

International Times, July, 1974

'Apostrophe' Frank Zappa Discreet

Hi, Kids. Wow! Ya know what! Ya do ... reet!! Uncle Frank Zappa's brought out his latest fab waxing, 'Apostrophe', on his superneat commercial treat, Discreet Records.

Don't worry about the title, I'm sure Unca F didn't give two fucks himself... Whoops, sorry, kids, little near the edge there, but ya know how it is with Unca Frankie, kinda naughty but always nice with it. Anyway there's a whole bunch of funlovers playing on it, nearly everyone who's ever played with FZ, I'd guess, except maybe Vito, and he was only some faggot dancer ... sorry, raunchy again, kids...

And those same funlovers seem to be playing pretty much the same riffs as they did on those old albums. Not that we're saying they're bad, just samey. And Uncle Frankie isn't missing out on reminiscence time, either, tinies. There's mentions of the Mud Shark (remember the Live Fillmore sides in Seventy One?), The Grand Wazoo and of course that dear little pooch (Come on, Frenchie) from last year's 'Overnite Sensation'. How about that, kids!!

Actually, our furry friends really seem to have made it around old Zap's head this time around. There's this track, tracks really, called 'Don't Eat. the Yellow Snow'... and d'you know what that's all about? You've guessed it, dog wee-wee. Ain't that a laff riot??? An' don't forget Fido in 'Stinkfoot', the last cut. That's a real winner, got Fido eating all manner of funny things and its a song about smelly feet too.

Still, you know what they say boys an' girls, you just can't keep an old tryer down, 'specially when people like Alexandro Jodorowsky reckon Frank's a personal wanderings around the guitar never hurt anyone's ears. 'Apostrophe', the title track, is worth another nickel in the juke any time.

So there we are, everyone, 'nother package of 'songs and stories set to music for your dining and dancing pleasure by FZ and some of the people he likes to record with', and I hope you enjoy it. Course I'm just past it now, but, in the words of the Man himself, Call Any Vegetable ...

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