A Freak Out In The Making
(the true story of rock's first concept album)
Scott Parker

2010 December 7
ISBN 978-1456355296
146 pp, paperback, 21 x 15 cm


SPB Publishing:

The first installment in what might be an ongoing series (FRANK ZAPPA IN THE STUDIO), A FREAK OUT IN THE MAKING details the story of Frank Zappa's debut album Freak Out!. An innovative release, it was rock's first concept album as well as being the first double album of original material in the history of rock and roll. In this book, Scott Parker delves into the creation of Zappa's first masterpiece, chronicling the true story of how it came to be such a powerful opening statement from a true musical genius.

uncle max @ zappateers:

There's a preamble followed by some pages relevant to early recordings before the FO sessions.
Then, an analysis of the recording, editing and mixing sessions.
Also, first assembly, naming, packaging.
A list follows with the 179 characters named in the album cover with some details for each.
Release, singles & promotion. Then re-mixes-re-issues and, obviously, MOFO.
The closing paragraph is dedicated to the MOI and others  


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Source: Javier Marcote