Ancient Armaments:
The Frank Zappa Singles Project

Greg Russo

Crossfire Publications
ISBN 978-0-9983550-3-0
150 pp, pdf, 28 x 21,5 cm

This book is available only as a downloadable pdf file.

In his lifetime, Frank Zappa created an enormous body of work which has been enjoyed, examined, analyzed, criticized, dissected, and reassembled. Zappa's project/object mentality made all of these activities possible. The many iterations of the FZ album discography, which numbers more than 100 releases, have been enhanced by vault material which has contributed to a greater understanding of this American composer. However, Frank Zappa's singles output has not been placed in the same category as his albums – that is, until now.

Greg Russo, author of "Cosmik Debris: The Collected History And Improvisations Of Frank Zappa," has thoroughly researched and analyzed each Zappa-related single release from 1961 to the present. From the Pal Recording Studio era to The Mothers Of Invention to solo work and production/performance sessions, each commercial and promotional single is presented with the amount of detail and precision that FZ fans expect and deserve.

For each release, readers will discover:
how the single versions compare to other released mixes and edits,
the connections of the songs to other Zappa releases via quotes and/or conceptual continuity,
the live performances and releases of the songs with related material, and
the current availability of the mixes or versions involved.


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