Bizarre Pages

Private publishing (A Talking Asshole Production sponsored by coffee and smoke)
730 + 740 pp, hardcover, 30 x 21,5 cm

As a sequel to Joe's Literage, in Zappanale festival 2016 another two-volume hardcover book was handed to customers. Bizzare Pages are nearly the same as the Joe´s Literage books, but instead of texts contained scans of the newspapers and magazines.

Privately published book in two volumes, containing articles on and interviews with Frank Zappa. The first volume covers years 1962-1979 in 730 pages, the second volume years 1980-1993 in 740 pages.

Both volumes are in hardcover binding, A4 format, up to 5 kilo together. The print-run was 20 copies.

Comment from united mutations on Bizzare Pages:

I bought a copy of these out of the shelf on Wednesday. So a reservation was not necessary for me. I was been told there, that 20 copies has been made. One other thing: It's not the same content as in the last years books. I haven't had the time for a close look but there is lots of other stuff like advertises, broschures or even the Thingfish photostory from Hustler. 

Talking Asshole Production:

To lower the printing costs to Euros 100 per set I had to made 20 of them. None were pre-ordered at that time and no kickstarter money involved. Never hat the intention to make money (no need for more ;))

In 2016 I thought the Zappanale would be a good place to sell these books so I asked a co-organisator of the exibition if he could take them up there. He then told some buddies about the project and some ordered by word. "Only" 9 or 10 sets made the way to Bad Doberan that summer due to limited car storage space.

To sell the rest I emailed some German Zappateers members who live in my region (to be able to present the books personally and the guys could have a look at it first) but got no response at all. So no fun at all, piled them up and I did other things. Meanwhile I have retiered from work and time to clean up the house. Still have 4 or 5 sets looking for a new home ...

By the way the title "BiZzare Pages" on the cover is a misprint done by the copy shop folks. Dadaism still works. 

Note. and Bizzare Pages are not related in any way.

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