Da Werdz
ed. Norbert Obermanns (?)

Dwarf Nebula Productions
1980 December
40 pp, stapled, 21 x 14 cm


This book was listed twice in Torchum:
1. torchum v4, books, pg 699:
   DA WERDZ, Dwarf Nebula Production, Switzerland, dec-1980
   contains the lyrics of absolutely free, 200 motels & greggery peccary

- no mention of switzerland in da werdz
- no mention of 'the new songs' in torchum v4

2. torchum v4, fanzines, pg 714:
   DA WERDZ no address, germany, 4 issues until ? 

slime.oofytv.set added following description of this book:

- the lyrics include some new songs from from yawyi, mfu, ttr & mop
- latest one is 'we're turning again' [1985]
- greggery peccary is not a direct copy of the song lyrics, it looks like an except from the book 'them or us', - fine girl is listed as 'some more like that'
- the blue light is listed as 'your ethos'
- the radio is broken is listed as 'the willing suspension of disbelief'

40 numbered pages, some pages with numbers cut off

front cover color photo is a round sticker that folds over the bottom of the page to the inside cover

the older lyrics are reasonably accurate; some of the new songs lyrics are either incomplete, or slightly different than the records, but doesn't look like incorrect translations ... this could be early versions of the new songs

it's possible this is a 2nd edition of the book published in late 1985 or early 1986, with the 1st edition published in 1980? it's not a fanzine

 We believe that this book is compiled by Norbert Obermanns, author of the Zappalog, as both books Da Werdz and Zappalog have the same publisher – Norbert's own Dwarf Nebula Productions. And of course this is not a fanzine but a  book. Norbert Obermanns had indeed his own fanzine โ€“ titled Absolutely Free โ€“ published in 1981-1985.

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