Family In Transition
Rethinking Marriage, Sexuality, Child Rearing, and Family Organization
Arlene S. Skolnick & Jerome H. Skolnick

Little, Brown and Company, Boston
1971 1st edition
LCCN: 76-154524
542 pp, paperback, 23 x 15 cm

This book is reprinted several times (16th edition in 2010), but only the very first edition has Frank Zappa family picture on the cover. This picture was made by Julian Wasser in a photo session for New York Times. On the cover photo are Frank and Gail, who is holding Moon Unit. During the same photo session Wasser made also pictures of Zappa and GTOs.

You can find this book very often in eBay or Abebooks, but keep in mind that there is no other Zappa content inside.

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