Frank Zappa Buying Guide
Rev. Keith A. Gordon

Excitable Press
2013 May
ISBN 978-0-9850084-3-7
92 pp, paperback, 21 x 14 cm

Rev. Keith A. Gordon
Journalist and critic

This book is available as paperback and in different downloadable formats.

The table of contents is:

  1. An Introduction to Frank Zappa
  2.  Brown Shoes Don’t Make It: Memories of Frank Zappa, 1940-1993
  3.  Frank Zappa Discography:
    1. The Satirical ‘60s
    2. The Successful ‘70s
    3. The Eclectic ‘80s
    4. Live From The Archive: The ‘90s
    5. Building the Legacy (Posthumous Years)
  4. Appendixes:
    1. The First: Zappa In Print
    2. The Second: Going Underground (Boots)
    3. The Third: Zappa Report Card (The A’s)
    4. Acknowledgments & Stuff 


There’s a new eBook: Frank Zappa Buying Guide by Rev. Keith A. Gordon. This from the introduction: “…let’s be honest, though, shall we? Frank Zappa was also frequently a real prick…” ZFT approved? Probably not.

About the author:

The "Reverend of Rock 'n' Roll," Rev. Keith A. Gordon has over 40 years in the pop culture trenches. Gordon's work has appeared in over 100 publications worldwide, as well as in several All Music Guide books and on the AMG website.
The current Blues Guide for, Gordon is a contributor to Blues Music Magazine and the author of The Other Side of Nashville, a history of the city's rock 'n' roll underground.


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