Frank Zappa
John Raby

Le mot et le Reste
2023 June 23
ISBN 978-2-38431-202-3
800 pp, paperback, 23,5 x 16,5 cm

John Raby
Teacher, researcher, writer

John Raby: "800 pages made up of a general introduction to his aesthetic (stylistic pluralism, carnivalesque humor, Grande Note and eternalism), followed by 61 chronicle albums, title by title. A book that is intended as a practical guide to (re)discover the colossal work of one of the greatest composers of the last century".

Back cover: Frank Zappa remains one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century with more than five hundred compositions spread over sixty albums covering a wide stylistic spectrum: rhythm'n'blues, funk, reggae, metal, doo-wop, jazz, orchestral and electronic music... He is also a talent scout who has worked with musicians from all walks of life, ranging from bistro guitarists to internationally renowned conductors. The most singular aspect of his aesthetic remains Conceptual Continuity, a vast network of musical, visual, linguistic or gestural leitmotivs aimed at going beyond the temporal limits of our daily lives in favor of a synchronicity symbolized by a Great Note. This book is intended as a guide with humor as a compass.

Born in 1982, John Raby is a teacher-researcher in aesthetics, specialist in the philosophy of music. He is the author of a thesis entitled Gilles Deleuze: music, philosophy and becoming, of a review of the literature of Witold Gombrowicz published by Le mot et le reste, of a text devoted to Residents in the collective work Le Musicien Raté and a study on Frank Zappa in Les Cahiers D'Artes.


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