Les Extravagantes Aventures de Frank Zappa
Acte 1
Christophe Delbrouck

Le Castor Astral
2018 November 8
ISBN 978-2-85920-788-5
476 pp, paperback, 23 x 15 cm

This first volume of the new trilogy devoted to Frank Zappa reveals elements of the artist's life hitherto unpublished. The book focuses on the evolutions and motivations of one of the most famous mustaches of Rock in the broad sense. The entire production of the artist is studied piece by piece. .

Peter Van Laarhoven:

This first part of Christophe Delbrouck's Zappa biography counts 475 pages and tells FZ's story until the end of 1971. In French. Well written, well documented and understandable, even when French isn't your mother's tongue.

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