Lightning In a Bottle: A Book Series On the Most Important Rock Albums In Music History
Album #17
Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
We're Only In It for the Money
Charlie Freak

2017 November 10
ISBN 978-1-387-35981-3
207 pp, ePub


Charlie Freak:

All 150 books [of Lightning In A Bottle series] have been written, I am now at the stage of editing them and then uploading them into ebook format. I am new to this aspect of self-publishing so it is currently taking me about a week to do a single album, but I will get faster. I am so excited to upload Freak Out, Joe's Garage, Sheik Yerbouti and Absolutely Free, but they won't be done for probably a couple of months. 


Book #17 in the series, Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, We're Only in for the Money. Our reality has become dominated by Corporations that spread Lies & Mediocrity, while destroying excellence in music. Frank Zappa created a MASTERPIECE that was the antithesis of what music has become today. Zappa laid society bare with a wildly funny, entertaining, thought-provoking & subversive album that screamed TRUTH! With Corporations in complete control of our governments & the CIA unchecked by any authority, other than its own, the world that Frank Zappa wrote about on this album in 1968 could easily be mistaken for today. This book examines what was at the very heart of Zappa's message on We're Only in it for the Money & proceeds to tie it together with what is happening across the Earth today. The same small group that was running the United States in 1968, that hijacked the rebellion of America's youth by replacing the Freaks with LSD-laced Phoney Hippies out of San Francisco, are STILL IN POWER TODAY!




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