Shut Up 'N Collect Yer Records: Strategy Guide of Frank Zappa
フランク・ザッパ攻略ガイド: やれるもんならやってみな
Complied by Wakui Koji (和久井光司)

Kawade Shobo Shinsha
2020 December 2
ISBN 978-4-309-29114-7
240 pp, paperback, 21 x 15 cm

Wakui Koji
Musician and writer

Yet another FZ disc guide complied by Wakui Koji. This time, the discography (entitled "Annals Disc Guide") is written chronologically by recording date.


  • 004 Preamble (前置き) by Wakui Koji
  • 007 100 Albums 100 Band 200 Motels - Original Release & Band History (オリジナル・リリース/人事異動図) by Umemura Shoji (梅村昇史) and Yamada Junichi (山田順一)
  • 025 The Father in Drag is the Mother of Invention (論考: 女装した父は発明の母なのだ) by Wakui Koji
  • 033 Annals Disc Guide of Frank Zappa (録音順/編年体ディスク・ガイド) by Umemura Shoji, Makabe Rokuro (真下部緑朗), Yamada Junichi and Wakui Koji
  • 197 Our Bizarre Relationship [Compilations and Related Releases] (編集盤/関係レーベル作品) by Yamada Junichi
  • 215 Don Van Vliet 1941-2010 [Works of Captain Beefheart] (キャプテン・ビーフハートの作品) by Wakui Koji
  • 226 Just Another People from F.Z. [List of Musicians and Collaborators] (関係者名鑑) by Yamada Junichi
  • 232 Gail Zappa Interview 2005 (ゲイル・ザッパ・インタヴュー) by Wakui Koji
  • 239 Postscript / Author Profiles (編集後記/筆者プロフィール)

Translation by TAN Mitsugu.

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