Frank Zappa - Texty / Lyrics
Průvodce texty ze šestatřiceti alb Frank Zappy od Freak Out! po Broadway The Hardway
Milan Pruner

Private print  
2022 April
483 pp, softcover, 26 x 21 cm
Czech / English

"Lyrics guide of the Frank Zappa's thirty-six albums from Freak Out! to Broadway The Hardway". This book is heavy (1,5 kg) and rare (limited edition of 100 copies).

United Mutations:
My Czech friends did it again. This time, they published a beautiful paperback with Czech translations of FZ's lyrics. From "Freak Out" to "Broadway The Hard Way". Colour pictures of the album cover with some extra info, plus the complete lyrics both in English and in Czech.

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Source: Bohouš Jůza