Zappanale 2009-2019
Corneliu Cazacu

Editura Lebăda Neagră
2022 July
ISBN 978-606-9682-06-7
300 pages, hardback, 21,5 x 30 cm

Corneliu Cazacu

Corneliu Cazacu is a Danish-Romanian photographer and writer, who has participated in several Zappanale music festivals. Photo albums of them can be seen on his website, and now a gorgeous photo album has also been released.

This album was prepared for the Zappanale 2022 festival and was sold by the author himself only on the spot. Also, this book will be on sale next year, at the Zappanale 2023 festival.


Corneliu Cazacu
2016 Zappanale album
2018 Zappanale album
United Mutations
Editura Lebăda Neagră (Black Swan Publishing)