Frank Zappa En El Infierno
Manuel de la Fuente Soler

Biblioteca Nueva, Madrid
ISBN 84-9742-592-8
310 pp, paperback, 21 x 13,5 cm

MFuente Blogspot:

Published in Spain the first book that analyzes Frank Zappa's political discourse in the Reagan era.

Frank Zappa en el infierno ("Frank Zappa in Hell") is the title of a new book by the Spanish publisher Biblioteca Nueva. It's the first analysis written in Spanish on Frank Zappa, one of the most important American rock musicians of the 20th century, and his work. Written by Manuel de la Fuente Soler, a lecturer of Media Studies at the University of Valencia, the book analyzes the role that Zappa played as a political activist in the 80s. In those years, Zappa campaigned intensively against the conservative government of Ronald Reagan.

Frank Zappa en el infierno looks into Zappa's work focusing on his opposition to conservative politics. It's the first time that an analysis on Zappa's work is carried out in Spanish, and it's also the first time that a book deals with the links of his songs with American politics, a totally new topic even in the literature in English. With a prologue written by Jenaro Talens, a professor at the University of Geneva and also expert in Zappa's work, the book looks into the meaning of the countless actions undertaken by Zappa in order to make people aware of the dangers of reaganism. In addition, his most important songs, in which he expressed his political opinions, are analyzed.

In preparation for this book De la Fuente Soler spent nearly five years doing research and collecting information, and he consulted the archives of several libraries in the United States. The author describes Frank Zappa en el infierno as a "study on the validity of rock music as an anti-establishment movement, a historical journey through how rock and politics influence each other".