Frank Zappa songbook
Frank Zappa

no publisher, Netherlands
1978 (?)
136 pp, stapled, 26,7 x 21,3 cm

Typed on typewriter. Duplicated sheets. Prints the lyrics of Zappa albums from Freak Out! to Zappa in New York plus 4 singles. 17 of the pages with photos/graphics. 128 pages plus 8-page index.

Privately made in the Netherlands (?). The country of origin can be France or Germany or even UK. (On the other front cover picture from the same songbook is price £ 2.25. Actually too high price in GBP for 1978.)


the songbook came from a german seller, the only other one i saw came from france ... i'd say it's from france based on the attempted english spelling of some of the lyrics, even when they were copied from lp inserts [eg. supermarket]

it's very similar in style to the 1980 zappa zongbook from nl

Contents 1
Contents 2
Contents 3
p 128
other front cover

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Source: slime.oofytv.set