French fanzine published 1985-1988 by Jean-Marie Orliange. In total 5 issues numbered from 0 to 4.


Question:  Hi, My name is Jean-Marie Orliange, and I was the editor/journalist/publisher... Of the ZAP fanzine. There was 5 issues out between 1984/88. If you need more infos, you can email me at: iggystooge at Best wishes, Jean-Marie 11.11.08

Answer:  Greetings Jean-Marie, ZAP #1 has a 1986 year, so they must have been 1986/88. Yeah, like I said I've seen 3 of them but there might have been more printed in France, so there were 2 more issues that I didn't know about. So thanks for the information, it's good to know and I'll post your question with the item so that other people who might be interested will know. It might not seem important to some people how many issues were made, but I like to know, because I like to know everything about every Zappa item that exists. So thanks, rev_a_west

Fanzine scan - 1985-1988 (French) Zap all issues

#0 1985/02
#1 1985/11
#2 1986/04
#3 1987/04
#4 1988/04

Source: united-mutations & slime.oofytv.set