Aksentti (accent) was a special magazine of new music recordings, published from 1989 to 2008, with 10 issues a year. ISSN 0786-2377

1994 January

No. 1


Absolutely Free
By Mikko Hietaharju, pp 13-17

Automatic translation: Frank Vincent Zappa died in December 1993 in Los Angeles at the age of 52. An amazingly productive career included countless recordings, extensive concert tours (which he invariably also recorded), films, orchestral compositions, ballets, musicals and literary productions as well. Some considered him a genius, some a curmudgeon and a cynic. Zappa was a sharp, tireless commentator on pretentiousness, everyday stupidity and emptiness - but also a much-quoted humorist. He was a cult figure who lightly knocked down the boundaries of rock, a sharp and defensive orator, a masterful conductor and musician. And there were no scandals about his private life. The old saying "be restrained and regular in your life and you can be authentic and aggressive in your art" seemed to fit Zappa. (read more)