Algún Día


Algún Día (Someday) was a short living (1974-1975) hippie ephemera magazine founded by Daniel Ripoll (see Pelo).
Magazine had in total 7 issues, published in 2nd half of 1974 and 1st quarter of 1975. Algún Día was a monthly magazine, but exact dates of publishing are not known. Time delay between the issues could be up to 45 days. (Contracultura en la Argentina: el caso de la revista Algún Día (1974-1975), Ricardo Abel Terriles)

1974 November (?)

Vol. 1 No. 5


Travesias de un musico insolito
pp 28-30


Article contains excerpts from interviews with Frank Zappa and descriptions of the Rome & Udine concerts in September 1974.

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1975 March (?)

Vol. 1 No. 7


Inquietantes atrocidades
p 34


Source: slime.oofytv.set