Ann Arbor Sun


Ann Arbor Sun was a newspaper founded by John Sinclair in November 1968. The newspaper was considered to be the mouthpiece for the White Panther Party for quite some time before the newspaper transitioned to an independent publication spreading views on local issues, left-wing politics, music, and arts. Finally in 1976, the publication of the Ann Arbor Sun was suspended indefinitely. (wikipedia)

1971 November 12 - 20

Issue 20


200 Motels
By David Fenton, p 9

It's really a relief when a movie comes to town that's been made by freeks. Usually the only films available to be seen at the commercial theaters are weirdo plastic "love" stories and other mind pollutants. (read more)

p 9 



1974 April 19 - May 3

Vol. 2 Issue 8


Frank Zappa: Apostrophe
By Paul Grant, p 20

It once was that if you liked Frank Zappa and his hirsute Mothers, you were part of a select (if somewhat outcast) group. I remember playing "Freak Out!" for some high school chums, who subsequently refused to let me into the football huddle. Of course, I was a slightly perverse ninth grader in any case, but I could not understand why Morgan and Billy preferred the pale work of the Vanilla Fudge and the Iron Butterfly to the obviously superior work of Mr. Zappa. (read more)




1975 May 23 - June 6

Vol. 3 Issue 11


Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart at Cobo Arena
By Paul J. Grant, p 19

I never know what to expect from Frank, and for that I'm eternally grateful. The Mothers have always been just an extension of their head honcho, and he has taken them down technical blind alleys and stairways to heaven. It has been a long and sometimes exhausting job keeping up with him and his. (read more)

p 19