Chroniques de l'Art Vivante


Prolific and sometimes controversial French contemporary art serial, edited by Jean Clair and Carmen Martinez, featuring articles and interviews of artists such as Joseph Beuys, Heinz Mack, Miró, etc., as well as special issues devoted to the contemporary art of one country, including the United States, Germany, and France among others, also with commentary on music, film, and theater, heavily illustrated throughout. Altogether 58 issues, November 1968 - May 1975, ranging between 20-50 pp. (F.A.Bernett Books)

1969 December

No. 6


Amougies: l'Europe, le "free jazz" et la "pop music"
By Philippe Gras, pp 2-7

Electricity: "Two reports and seventeen short reviews - seven pages a3 with ninety-one (mainly tiny) pictures."

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Source: Javier Marcote