Audio Engineering magazine began publishing in May, 1947 with a new focus from its predecessor, Radio. The title changed to Audio in February, 1954. Audio's final appearance was the combined February/March issue in 2000, making it the longest running audio magazine ever.  (American Radio History)

1967 November

Vol. 51 No. 11


Jazz, Blues And The Mothers
By Bertram Stanleigh, p 66

No other group of hippy musicians displays the same amount of freedom, variety, invention, and lunatic good spirits as the West Coast group that calls itself The Mothers of Invention. Utilizing a variety of electronic sounds and an agglomeration of strange forms of percussin, they produce musical backgrounds for a vocal message that ranges from the eloquently poetic, to earthy good humor, to embarrassingly unfunny bathroom jokes, to simple high-spirited inanity. (read more)



1987 July

Vol. 71 No. 7


Jazz From Hell: Frank Zappa
Shut Up'n Play Yer Guitar: Frank Zappa
By Michael Wright, pp 84, 86

1990 March

Vol. 74 No. 3


You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 3: Frank Zappa
By John Diliberto, pp 102, 104