Released in March 1995 as a bimonthly, the magazine for guitarists Axe becomes monthly in January 1998. Today only online available.

2001 March

Vol. 7 No. 53


1st part of Zappa special

Il chitarrista

By Mauricio Parri, pp 22-29, 35, 39-41
Era il 1976... (Interview with Adrian Belew)
By Robbie Agelucci, pp 30-31
Era il 1987... (Interview with Mike Keneally)
By Robbie Agelucci, pp 32-33
Mike Kenally & Beer For Dolphins, Dancing (review)
By Robbie Agelucci, p 34
DZ (Iterview with Dweezil Zappa)
By Robbie Agelucci, pp 36-37, 39
Dweezil Zappa, Automatic (review)
By William Stravato, p 38

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2001 April

Vol. 7 No. 54


2nd part of Zappa special

Il compositore

By Mauricio Parri, pp 22-27
Il sound
By Mauricio Parri, p 28
By Mauricio Parri, p 29
Discografia "consigliata"
p 30

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