Big Ten


The 'Big Ten conference' is made up of the football teams from 11 large American universities in the Midwest [see index page for the original 10; penn state joined in 1990] that play football against each other. Big Ten magazine was for the students of the Big Ten universities. The magazine was not about football. (slime.oofytv.set)

1968 May

Vol.2 No. 6


Frank Zappa - The Head Mother
Interview by Stuart J. Scott, pp 20-23, 28

"I went to college to get laid. So, I got laid, dropped out of school, shacked up for a year, got married, stayed married for 5 years, got a divorce, got a recording studio, got busted, left the recording studio, put the Mothers together, moved to L.A., got auditioned for MGM Records, the guy gave us $2500 and a recording date, and that's what happened." The autobiography of Frank V. Zappa.

In spite of the fact that middle class America would scorn his past and his present, Zappa has all the makings of emerging as a voice of the future. He says he's an appliance a dishwasher he's here to make things happen.

His Greenwich Village basement apartment was cluttered with things and people and posters on the walls. We talked across a littered draftsman's table. The Sony recorder I brought was one of many in the apartment along with other sound equipment. Sound is one of Frank's primary concerns in producing an album. He does all the master tapes himself and then, "I give them to MGM to screw up."  (read more)

Source: slime.oofytv.set