Bizz was a popular and influential music magazine that was founded in June 1985. In July 1995, the magazine was renamed as Showbizz. It ceased publication in 2001 after issue #192, but restarted in 2005. However, it ceased publication as a monthly again in 2007 (last issue #215) when the official Brazil edition of Rolling Stone emerged. Since then, Bizz has only been published as a series of special editions. Almost all the issues are digitized and available at

1985 November

No. 11


Frank Zappa contra-ataca
By ?, p 13

Short news about Frank Zappa launching a counterattack against PMRC censorship efforts. 



1986 February

No. 7


Frank Zappa
By Lee Michael Katz, pp 46-47

Interview translated from USA Today.



Automatic translation: It is no exaggeration to consider practically all of the more than 40 albums released by Frank Zappa in his twenty-year career to be indispensable to any well-informed discotheque. But the basic LP to get in touch with Zappa's universe is perhaps this masterpiece of experimentalism and humor. (read more)



1986 June

No. 11


Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
By Alfredo Borba Jr., p 14

Automatic translation: In this, his forty-second LP, Zappa did not change his scheme. He continues to disregard serious lyrics to satirize the American way of life. (read more)



1986 July

No. 12


Frank Zappa: Sheik Yerbouti
By Alfredo Borba Jr., p 18

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa always releases good albums recorded live. Sheik Yerbouti is a double LP originally released in 79, containing recordings made during his tours of that year through the USA and Europe. (read more)



1986 August

No. 13


Bolsa de discos
By ?, p 18

What Bizz critics think about Sheik Yerbouti album. 



1987 April

No. 21


Frank Zappa: Tinseltown Rebellion
By Jean-Yves de Neufville, p 20

Automatic translation: Maybe you're one of those who pull out a gun when they hear about "rock geniuses." But between us, a man who was able to release more than 40 albums in a 21-year career, who literally invented the double album, the first to have his own independent label, one who did not hesitate to bring influences from classical composers to rock... (read more)



1987 June

No. 23


Frank Zappa: Jazz From Hell
By Jean-Yves de Neufville, p 24

Automatic translation: The problem with Frank Zappa and his very different musical stance is that there is no possible familiarity. (read more)



1987 July

No. 24


Bolsa de discos
By ?, p 28

What Bizz critics think about Jazz From Hell album. 



1987 August

No. 25


Na onda das biografias
By ?, p 10

Short news that Frank Zappa will soon publish his autobiography The Real Frank Zappa Book.



Automatic translation: "Captain Beefheart" – real name: Don van Vliet – was born in Glendale, California (in 1941) and formed his first Magic Band in 64. His music is unique and of already recognized historical importance. (read more)



1988 June

No. 35


Frank Zappa: Super terça-feira (Super Tuesday)
By Pepe Escobar, p 85

Automatic translation: For the past three years, living legend Frank “Hot Rat” Zappa has left his gargantuan collection of guitars in his son Dweezil's room and just played with the Synclavier. ... But nothing like the real thing , and it's no coincidence that FZ chose the American election year to get back on the road. (read more)



1991 September

No. 74


Mondo mídia
By ?, p 10

Short news announcing the release of Beat The Boots series CDs.



1992 September

No. 86


A entrevista definitiva
By Fabio Massari, pp 32-36

This interview was made at Zappa's home in August 6, 1991. Versions of this interview appeared in:

English translation of this interview -

Here we have this interview as 8-page offprint from Bizz.

Source: slime.oofytv.set 


1993 June

No. 95


Os piores discos do mundo (The worst albums of all time)
By Celso Pucci, pp 32-35

Which are the worst albums of all time, most harmful and unbearable? Bizz asked this question to twenty of the toughest critics and the result was a huge mess. Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar is listed among others.



1993 July

No. 96


O monstro renasce (The monster is reborn)
By Marcos Smirkoff, pp 34-37

The most important progressive albums. Zappa In New York is listed among others. 



1993 November

No. 100


On page 22, there is a press review that reasonably recommends checking out the Zappa special issue of Pulse!. On pages 48-57 are the 100 most important events in rock music, where under the year 1990 we find the announcement that Frank Zappa has promised to run for president of the United States (it also says that John Kay from Steppenwolf did the same, but that can't be true because John Kay was born in Germany).



1994 January

No. 102


Viva Zappa!
By Lu Gomes, pp 42-44

O Anão Com Um Z No Peito
By Benê D. Jr., p 44

A Última Entrevista
By Dan Ouellette, pp 46-48

Memórias De Cucamonga
By Dagomir Marquezi, pp 48-49

p 49

p 50

The interview on pp 46-48 is translated from Zappa special issue of Pulse!

Source: slime.oofytv.set 


1994 February

No. 103

Hey, Mr. Z
By Dagomir Marque, p 76 

An article on page 76 has reviewed two CDs – The Yellow Shark and Zappa's Universe. On pages 6-7, there is an article on Jimi Hendrix which lists "Purple Haze" by Frank Zappa under the artists who also recorded Jimi Hendrix's hits.



1994 March

No. 104

Media review on page 17 recommends a special Zappa issue of Musician magazine. Pages 22-26 have an article about the connection between music and comics, which includes references to The Man From Utopia



1996 February

No. 127

Deboche em três lições
By Carlos Calado, p 64

There is an article on page 64 that has reviewed three CDs – Freak Out!, Apostrophe and Strictly Commercial. These CDs have been recently reissued in Brazil on Natasha label.



1998 October

No. 159

Quatro faces de um gênio
By Hélen Gomes, p 64

Review includes albums The Grand Wazoo, Zoot Allures, Sheik Yerbouti and Cheap Thrills.



1999 February

No. 163

Genialidade e escatologia
By Airton Mugnaini Jr., p 61

Review includes albums Over-Nite Sensation, Zappa In New York, Bongo Fury, Joe's Garage, Broadway The Hard Way, 200 Motels and Cucamonga.



1999 June

No. 167

E tome doideira!
By Helvecio Parente, p 60

Review includes albums Freak Out!, Absolutely Free, Cruising With Ruben & The Jets, Weasels Ripped My Flesh.