Another rock music monthly published by Myron Fass, who "sat at the top of a pulp magazine publishing empire in the seventies that sometimes published as many as fifty titles a month." (bad mags) See also Acid Rock, Rock Spectacular.

1976 December

Vol.1 No. 3


The Secret Life Of Zappa
By Eve Brandstein, pp 64-67

I found out about Frank Zappa's pride and self awareness at a recent interview at his manager's office. While waiting to meet him I prepared myself not to blush, thinking of all the things that might embarrass me . In the quiet inner office I was greeted  by Frank Zappa, who is a tall, thin well groomed, soft spoken man. At first he wasn't very attentive to my presence as he studied the pictures in an art book. His manager asked if I would mind waiting for awhile before starting the interview so that he and Frank could go off to the bank. I was left with the new album that will be released this Fall. Frank picked up his attaché case and left for the bank as I sat in a perfect spot listening to his music, full blast. While he was gone I was thoroughly involved with his latest conquest. Just as the fourth side of the album was completed he returned looking no worse from his business trip. (read more)


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