Blow Up


Blow Up is a monthly Italian magazine about “rock & other contaminations”, as the caption states: out rock, electronica, techno, house, experimental, industrial, improv/jazz, traditional. Blow Up was born as a fanzine in September 1995, and remained a fanzine for six issues until it was officially reborn as a magazine in February 1997. After a year and a half of being available in subscription only, Blow Up hit the newspaper stands and magazine racks in June 1998. (BlowUp Magazine)

2002 October

No. 53


Destroy Babylon!: The Mothers Of Invention "Freak Out!"
ByStefano I. Bianchi, Dionisio Capuano, Olindo Fortino, Bizarre, Eddy Cilia, pp 104-105

Destroy Babylon! - in this section critics try to 'reconsider' classic albums from the pop music history without the blinders of myth and habit.



2010 December

No. 151


Dio Fa. Un progetto perduto (Dio Fa. A lost project)
By Michele Coralli, pp 58-65

Article about proposed by Frank Zappa but not accepted by Milan world cup football opera. Includes interview with Fabio Treves, the only Italian musician who has performed on stage with Zappa.



2012 December

No. 175


Dalla A alla Zappa
By Bizarre, pp 26-39

Source: slime.oofytv.set


2014 February

No. 189


Frank's Garage. Last Act
By Bizarre, pp 16-31

This is the 2nd part of the long article by Bizarre. 1st part was printed in #175, December 2012.


2018 December

No. 247


Frank Zappa
pp 28-51
     Zeppa di Zappa. Gli inizi del duca di prugne (Zappa's platform. The beginnings of the Duke of Prunes)
     By Luca Majer, pp 30-30
     25 pezzi (non sempre) facili (25 pieces (not always) easy)
     By Bizarre, pp 31-45
     La caduta della casa degli Zappa (The fall of the Zappa house)
     By Riccardo Bertoncelli, pp 46-51

Source: slime.oofytv.set


2020 July / August

No. 266/267


Chunga, Sharleena e le ingombranti Tartarughe (Chunga, Sharleena and the bulky Turtles)
By Riccardo Bertoncelli, pp 54-61

Source: slime.oofytv.set