Another celebrity pictures magazine from the same publisher, Edições Otlos, is Almanaque.

1994 ?

No. 66


This issue can be from late '94. 20-page Zappa special – short article, family photos and Zappa portraits. 

See also Almanaque, No. 47.


Martin Herraiz:

Hello, as a Brazilian I am pretty convinced that the "Celebridades" magazine posted on the ZB site is actually Portuguese, not Brazilian. The two main reasons are the way it's written (Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese Portuguese are almost two entirely different languages and most Brazilians would feel uncomfortable reading said magazine because of this) and the way the price is written at the cover - the official Brazilian currency at the time (1994?) was either the Cruzeiro Real (CR$) or the Real (R$), and I've never seen any of these currencies written as just "$" in Brazil (besides, the price 9,99 seems very unlikely).


Source: slime.oofytv.set