Hip Cheetah was one of the most important publications in emerging "rock press" media in the 60s.
"Cheetah Magazine really belongs in the pantheon of truly great music / counterculture magazines of the 60's, one of the 1st intersections of serious journalism and the underground. It is always informative and fun to read. True 60's heads will love Cheetah!" (loufar4 @ eBay)

1967 October

Vol. 1 No. 1


In-Person: The Mothers Of Invention
By Doon Arbus, p 10

The Mothers of Invention remember it well. They remember white bucks and pompadours and pimples and going steady. They remember rock-and-roll in the days of its innocence: songs of self-affirmation ("Rock-and-roll is here to stay / It will never die" ) ; songs of adolescent agony ('I'm so young and you're so old / This my darling I've been told" ); the shameless glorification of romantic woe ("Goin' to the river / Gonna jump overboard and drown"); and the eloquence of nonsense lyrics ("pa pa oom mow mow," "dombee doobee dom," or "sha da da da, sha da da da da da"). Alan Freed, the lindy, or even the real Elvis Presley already seem like part of history, but the Mothers were there in their late teens and they remember. (read more)

This very first issue of Cheetah is well-known because of included Mama Cass Elliot fold-out, you can see on page 2.

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