Ciao Amici


Ciao Amici was the first Italian youth magazine, founded in December 1963. The idea was copied from French magazine Salut Les Copains, even the magazine title - Hi Friends - was taken. Most of the time Ciao Amici was a weekly. In November 1967 Ciao Amici merged with the competitor Big to become Ciao Big.
In December 2012 the magazine (title) resumed publications as bimonthly Nuovo Ciao Amici. Supposedly 14 issues were published.

1967 May 10

Vol. 5 No. 19


Le tartarughe (The Turtles)
pp 35-36

The article on The Turtles, no Zappa or the MOI namechecked.

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1967 October 10

Vol. 5 No. 41


Debutto Inglese dei Mothers Of Invention
p 13

  Google translate: On 23 September the Mothers of Invention made their debut at the Albert Hall in London, one of the bands that, in America, also enjoy the sympathies of the cultural world, especially for the biting and polemical texts of Frank Zappa: so much so that the BBC agreed to only play one of their records! In Italy, unfortunately, this band is still unknown, because its records have not been put on sale up to now.

Source: Fulvio Fiore