conecte = connect
Most important Mexican rock magazine in the 70s and 80s. Tabloid size magazine started in December 1974 as a monthly. Later from #25 onwards it was a weekly magazine. (El museo virtual de Erick Guzman) Ceased in 2005.

1978 January 2

No. 66


Frank Zappa
Es Demasiado Tarde Para Parar Ahora

By Arturo Castelazo, pp 4-6 

Es demasiado tarde para parar ahora - It's too late to stop now

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1978 July 16

No. 94


 Only Zappa front/back cover, no Zappa content inside.


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1980 April

No. 165


  Only Zappa cover, no Zappa content inside.


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1981 May

No. 215


Frank Zappa: Un Subversivo Muy Efectivo
By Alberto Ugolde, p 14




1982 June

No. 259


Frank Zappa
By Jos Luis Pluma, pp 18-21


1983 June

No. 302


Impertinentes e Informales Divagaciones Sobre Frank Zappa
By Merced Belén Valdés Cruz, pp 18-21

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No. 510


En Gira Luego de Cuatro Años de Ausencia (On Tour After Four Years of Absence)
By ?, pp 2-3