Counterpont was an underground newspaper issued in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, as an alternative to The Pointer, a student-run newspaper published at the University of Wisconsin. Counterpoint was printed from February 1968 to March 1970, in total 20 issues. (

1969 February 25

Vol. 2 No. 6

Contemporary Music Issue


Ya Muddah! (reprinted from Berkeley Barb, November 22, 1968)
By Jef Jaisun, p 4

The Mothers Of Invention
By Mike Dominowski, p 4

Once upon a time Rock ‘n roll came to be. Dubbed “jazz’s bastard,” it swept the country mortifying the middle-class ethic and capturing the STP sticker, training bra, and grape bubble-gum set. Rock gave rise to bobbysoxers and ultimately to the all-American yummy yummy, chewy chewy, bouffant, body odor, from rubber dice on the rear-view mirror teeny bopper.

Not everyone was happy. Frank Zappa, ex-advertising man, experimenter with abstract music, and songwriter since age 14, finally got a bellyful of top-40 radio and decided it was time for an alternative. Applying motivational research principles, Zappa created a musical group unlike anything the world had ever seen. (read more)

Note. The front page pictured here is from the very first Counterpoint issue. From Steven Lomazow Collection.

Source: Steve Hecht