was a monthly music magazine published by Shinko Music. Crossbeat's special issue is called The Dig. Crossbeat launched in 1988 to cover western rock music. Monthly publication stopped in 2012(?), continued as a yearbook.

1994 March

Vol. 7 No. 3 Issue 70


Frank Zappa special
pp 34-45


1995 January

Vol. 8 No. 1 Issue 81


For The First Time In History.... The Frank Zappa Reverse Dictionary
フランク・ザッパ 史上初! 逆引辞典

By Yuasa Manabu and Morita Junichi (湯浅学/森田純一), pp 96-99

TAN Mitsugu: "This "reverse dictionary" is in reality a disc guide in the style of keyword dictionary, compiled to coincide with Video Arts Japan's marketing campaign for the 1995 Ryko remasters. For example, the first keyword (in Japanese alphabetical order) is "inu (dog)", which leads to "Dog Breath" on the Uncle Meat album."


1995 August

Vol. 8 No. 8 Issue 92


The Frank Zappa Reverse Dictionary, Part 2
フランク・ザッパ 逆引辞典 Part 2

By Yuasa Manabu, Morita Junichi and Kishino Yuichi (湯浅学/森田純一/岸野雄一), pp 40-43

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