Cutting Edge


Cutting Edge was a monthly "alternative music magazine". Edited by Jerry Ewing, later editor of Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog.

1993 August

No. 2


Just when you thought it was safe
Interview by Phil Wilding, pp 18-20

This article was reprinted in Prog, December 2013, with a foreword by former Cutting Edge and then Prog editor Jerry Ewing:

Cutting Edge was a magazine myself and Philip Wilding worked together on back in 1993, when we were younger and the world was a different place. Somehow we managed to persuade Frank's UK PR to grant us an interview, which was duly assigned to Philip, the magazine's resident Zappaphile. It would prove to be the great man's final interview (although a noted music magazine would later run one conducted previously, claiming it to be Zappa's final words). I recall the profound emotional effect it had on Philip, not least Frank's parting words, which still send a shiver of emotion through me to this day. This piece meant a lot to us back then. It still does today. I hope you enjoy it.