The San Diego underground biweekly newspaper Door was founded in January 1968. The paper went through several name changes. Initially it was the Door to Liberation, then it merged with a small underground paper at San Diego State called Good Morning Teaspoon and in May 1968 became the Teaspoon Door. It returned to the Door to Liberation in March 1969, and finally in late 1969 it became the Free Door for a few issues. The Door folded in August 1974. (Notes from Underground)

1971 January 21 - February 3

Vol. 2 No. 17


Chunga's Revenge (review)
By Mr. Jelly, p 15

1971 April 28 - May 12

Vol. 2 No. 24


Frank Zappa & Zubin Mehta - 200 Motels (Bootleg) (review)
By Mr. Jelly, p 16

1971 August 18 - September 1

Vol. 3 No. 6


The Mothers "Fillmore East, June 1971" (review)
By Mr. Jelly, p 15

1972 January 13 - 27

Vol. 3 No. 16


Mothers End In Flames
By Urban Gwerder, p 17

It all happened at the Casino Montreux, the “Swiss Fillmore,” right in front of the Igor Stravinsky Street, afternoon, December 4, 1971. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention did their first concert in Switzerland. With half of the Mothers’ European tour already behind them, they enjoyed themselves in the snowy mountains with cheese and all that Swiss stuff — then they came down to do the concert in that unbelievably over-decorated old-fashioned big, crazy building that was packed with a nice audience from all over Switzerland, Italy and other places. (read more)

Source: Independent Voices


1972 January 27 - 27

Vol. 3 No. 17


200 Motels
By Mike Mahan, p 22

Frank Zappa, whose wizardry has transcended most ordinary musical bounds and brought forth some startlingly original ideas, has now created a film, 200 Motels. Although the film is probably more a product of Zappa's inspiration than of his guiding hand, he is credited as writer and director and, therefore, must take the blame for the result. (read more)


Source: Independent Voices


1972 April 27 - May 18

Vol. 3 No. 23


Geronimo Black
By Cameron Crowe, p 13

Y'see around here at Door Music Headquarters, or DHQ, as the more hip faction refer to it, we're kinda excited about a relatively new band and their definitely new debut album, Geronimo Black (Uni Records).

Last Thursday night, [Jimmy Carl] Black and his manager, Ward Duffy dropped by the door to talk about a variety of things. Among them, the new album, the group, Frank Zappa, the American Indian, Jimmy Reed, and more. (read more)


Source: Independent Voices