El Musiquero


Jazz/rock magazine from Buenos Aires. El Musiquero was also a Chilean magazine, published in Santiago 1964-1976. The relations between these two magazines is not clear.

1987 June

Vol. 1 No. 14


Frank Zappa: La revancha del sheik de las madres arranca la carne
pp 20-25 

¿Buen uso de la guitarra o estereotipos?
By Frank Zappa, p 22

Él es lo que es (You are what you is)
Interview by ?, pp 23-25

The article by Frank Zappa on page 22 is Spanish translation of "Good Guitar Stuff or Stereotypifications?", from Guitar Player, January 1977.


1991 July

Vol. 5 No. 59


Frank Zappa: Los Años Salvajes
By Andre Gill, pp 18-20, 22-25 

The original article by Andy Gill was published in magazine Q, December 1989, translated and adapted by Claudio Kleiman.


1994 February

Vol. 8 No. 90


La Nota De Zappa
By Marcelo Gasió, pp 28-34

The author's page was Marcelo's Frank Zappa Page.